About Us

V4S limited liability company was founded in 2006. From the very beginning, company was associated with transmission of a video signal over long distances. Over time, the V4S began to diversify its activities – including launching Internet projects. Currently, the company focuses on R&D in the area of AI and Machine Learning for e-commerce.


Company registration data:
V4S Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lutniana 39, 71-425 Szczecin,
KRS 0000261090, NIP 525-237-05-78, Share capital: PLN 1 467 000

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI e-commerce solution
  • AI solution for online publishers
  • Language Processing
What we do

Services we are offering

Virtual Stylist & Matching complementary products

Generating in real time suggestions of ready outfits with the clothes currently viewed by the customer or proposal of complementary products.

Show products similar to displayed (no manual tagging)

Increase conversions in e-shop by recommending visually similar products.

Show products similar, but with a modified feature

Customer can change the attributes for a given type of clothing with one button – such as sleeve length, pattern or color.

Visual Search and ``Shop the Look``

Simplify and speed up fashion search for customers. They can search exactly what they want with an image by using our different tools.

Image Monetization

Our AI system analyze image content and automatically link it to the content of products from e-shops.

``Moments of Inspiration``

We create plenty „moments of inspiration” which lead to e-shopping and monetizes image content

Friendly User Experience

Our AI system propose elegant and non-intrusive user experience for published content

Banner Blindness Remedy

We help to avoid reader’s tendency to ignore page elements that is perceived to be advertisement.